Language apps used around the world

When looking for different ideas and ways I can use language apps to help support students to grow their interest in language I found these sites, and ideas. It is always best to try and use what works for you, and have fun while you are learning. Remember it is okay to make mistakes it is helping us learn.

Here is the first one I come across is the Maori language apps site. It has many apps listed in the language and can be downloaded. This is mainly to help assist health professional with language to communicate better.

Memories is a another language app that has many different language 114 in the list and a spot for other languages. Its one where you can add courses or take course online, and would have to pay for this website.

This language apps is more aimed for beginner reader and kids who would like add more vocabulary in maori. It is to help encourage them to want to learn more, and has games to help engage learners.

This is site talks about different language apps that will help you from start to finish, or can help shape up your language skill in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. It also as free language learning websites, free language exchange website, and translator website.


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